BioKare provides relief for everyday problems with honest, real supplements that work — without all the hype

We’re not another company who makes products based on the latest fad, who will bait-and-switch you into purchasing a solution that doesn’t work. We use time-tested, organic ingredients, sourced from within the United States, to create low-cost, highly effective all-natural supplements available directly to you or through a practitioner.

Proven track record

Through over a decade of research, trial and error and diligent work, BioKare is pleased to provide honest, organic supplements made from only U.S. sourced ingredients, providing 100% all-natural relief to millions of people suffering from chronic anxiety, stress, sleep disorders and more – without the hype.

Originally developed for health professionals, this is the first time BioKare has been made available to anyone who needs them to purchase at the click of a button.

Honest ingredients
for real results

We use honest ingredients to help people get the much needed relief they deserve from everyday problems like anxiety, insomnia and chronic stress. We don’t limit our ingredients to lower our costs and are not focused on one area of medicine or one type of problem.

Value for money
built on trust

BioKare customers trust us because they know that numbing or overpriced prescription medications aren’t right for them. Our low-cost, innovative health products consist of real, plant-based ingredients and provide real results without the negative side effects.

cGMP certified
FDA registered facility

BioKare is proud to operate in a cGMP certified/FDA registered facility with a full team of chemists. We insist that all of our ingredients to have a COA (certificate of analysis), which is not required in our industry.

Our Product Range

Our product range offers natural relief for all types of pain and suffering, experienced by millions of people on a daily basis, helping them get back to enjoying life to the fullest.


If you’re experiencing chronic anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, nervousness or something related, get relief that won’t numb you with AnxietyKare, which contains effective, time-tested botanicals that help you naturally control your anxiety symptoms and get back to enjoying your life to the fullest.


When you’re having trouble sleeping, all areas of your life are negatively impacted, and you need a supplement that helps you get to sleep quicker and get a restful sleep. SleepKare contains only organic, plant-based botanicals that don’t hide the underlying cause of your sleep disorder, but attack it and help you get back to fully enjoying your life.


If you have trouble losing weight and lack energy or focus to get your busy days’ tasks done, you’ll be impressed with our newest holistic supplement, WeightKare. It’s compared by our customers to the movie Limitless, because it gives you all of the energy and focus needed to tackle your busy days and helps you lose weight.

Real People, Real Experiences

BioKare supplements have changed the lives of people with anxiety, sleep, stress and other health disorders — naturally. But don’t take our word for it…

“I am a student working full time. Stress has taken over my life. I have been looking for supplements that are natural, non-addictive, with minimal side effects, and I have finally found great products with BioKare. Highly recommend any of their products for stress relief, anxiety, sleep problems, etc. BioKare helps me feel good about taking care of my health. You will not be sorry!”

Amanda Smyth
21, Uni Student

“My anxiety and stress were so crippling hat I was isolating myself from family and friends, and after seeing a doctor, I was told that I would need to take supplements to get relief. I knew I didn’t want any numbing or addictive prescription medications, so I sought out an alternative. I’ve been so impressed with BioKare’s line of products, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking natural relief for their chronic anxiety, stress or sleep. BioKare’s awesome products have helped me get my life back!”

Tom Hoytle
43, Uber Driver

“I used to take prescription medication for my GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), and after years of trying different meds, I knew it was time for a change to a natural relief supplement. I chose BioKare as my health care supplement company, because I can tell that they truly care about the products they create. I know that I can find relief from their product line with whatever I’m facing – anxiety, insomnia, etc. I will buy again and again!”

Joe DeZotti
51, Chef

“I love the formulas that BioKare has created for their stress products. I suffer from day-to-day stresses and anxiety, and I take their products for relief. I’ve been so impressed with the results that I want to try more of their products. I love that they truly believe in their products, and their goal is to help people with an alternative to numbing or addictive-prone medications.”

Seth Mason
33, Mortgage Broker

“I first found BioKare’s line of products when I was seeking an insomnia supplement – I have trouble sleeping due to stress and late hours at work. I was so pleased with the product that I have also used BioKare’s other products, and I have been so impressed with them! They’ve helped me during highly stressful times and on a day-to-day basis. My life has changed drastically (for the better!), thanks to BioKare!!”

Julie Lyons
35, App Developer

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Try BioKare’s holistic product line and get back to the life you want to live!

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